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Not worth it!!

The app doesn't do nothing. You come out better using your regular phone calendar & alarm. They charge you for the app which is pointless.

Could be better



Not worth anything. It basically paying for the reminder/alarm app your phone already comes with.

Really useful little app for Actors

Update has more space in field- love using voice memo to enter my data. recommend for actors to keep themselves organized!

Love it

Fav features photo upload and key word search thru- helpful tool for actors


I'm new to the world of auditions and this app has made my life so much easier. It has such an easy user interface. It keeps me organized and On top of everything. I've been trying anything I can to help with my career. So far this is the best and the price is unbeatable. I would recommend this to any actor new to the industry or a seasoned veteran.

Super useful

I love this app! I am the type of person that needs order and the ability to compartmentalize. This app does the job. I love having a separate calendar for all my industry related events and auditions. For the price you can't go wrong!

AuditionCal Review!

Love that this app actually exists and am so thrilled to have it on my phone! SOO convenient! Deff will be using this regularly!

Great App!

Been looking for something like this to help organize my life as an actor a bit better. It's a neat tool and easy to use. Glad I stumbled upon it.

Powerful organizational tool

With fields for all pertinent data from casting directors to wardrobe notes. I love that you can use the voice recognition software to make the Notes instead of typing out everything. only major gripe is that the fields don't expand for quick review and reading your notes is very difficult. However that should be an easy fix in an update.

Yup you need this

I love this app. If you're an actor this is what you need to help organize your life. It really helps a ton, super easy, and I love the features (i.e.: adding pics to your details or emailing a screen shot style message of your details or calendar) Genius!

Nice little app

Does exactly what it says it will. Such a great idea for actors I'm surprised it took so long 4 some1 to come up w/ it!

Killer App for the serious actor

I could really have used this app years ago when I first started, but at least it is available now. We have become an on-the-go society, relying heavily on our phones. Now we, as actors can coordinate our schedules with our auditions and meetings very sleekly. One of the best gifts of this app, is its ability to track the little pieces of info which help to have smooth callbacks, such as notes section and names of casting personnel in a readily findable and usable format. I have been too wordy here. Just check the app out. Easy to use and intuitive.

What a useful tool!!

This app is just what the actor needs to keep themselves organized!..its very easy to use and well designed!..I will say that my favorite feature is that an email can be sent directly from the app!..the calendar is quite helpful as well!..I'll be telling all my actor friends about this for sure!!!

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